“Perseverance – You just keep trying!”

We reflected in class this week on what we learned at tournament. We discussed patience, fairness and the importance of practice. It was summed up perfectly by a five year old who was at his second competition.

He had been disappointed not to earn a trophy his first time. He worked hard on his focus. He practiced in class and at home which helped build his confidence. He explained to our class about winning the trophy, “It was Perseverance – You just keep trying! Look at me – first I didn’t win but now I have a trophy.”

Trophy winner
The J.K. Lee Fall Tournament of Champions 2019

Starting School Strong!

At the start of every school year, we talk about going back with FOCUS AND CONFIDENCE.

We practice our focus with games and target drills. We don’t expect perfection but keep working to improve ourselves.  When our attention does wander, we do our best to bring our minds back to the present moment. We repeat out loud (and to ourselves): “Focus our eyes! Focus our minds! Focus our bodies!”

We’ve also been discussing the importance of attitude. We examined ways a bad attitude impacts what we do and how it brings others down. We compared it to how we feel around individuals with a good attitude. We talked about ways to practice being positive even when things are difficult or go wrong.

We repeat often, “Pilsung!” which translates to certain victory or “I can do it!”

40 Book Readers Club!

Our summer challenge is to read forty age appropriate books. We remind ourselves as martial artists, we practice. That includes our reading! It helps us to keep our minds sharp and ready for school in the fall!

You can join us for some reading fun! Write your books on any piece of paper and bring them to the center! You’ll get an invite to our special book readers party!

On Perseverance

At our recent Gala supporting our nonprofit mission to make sure martial arts are available to all youth, one of our students took center stage:

See the video here:


Thank you to everyone for your support!

This Year’s Upcoming Fundraiser!

Get excited with us for our yearly upcoming Fundraiser! It will be a gala taking place at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee! By supporting our program you are directly helping the youth of our local families gain access to all the benefits of Martial Arts.

Contact us with questions! Invite your friends!

Visit our event page by clicking here Gala 2019 or visit our website at http://cityyouth.givesmart.com



CYMAP Demo Team!

Our demonstration team is growing! On Father’s Day, four of our demo team members performed at our first ever demonstration. They did a form, showed off some kicks, and broke some boards. Also, they encouraged other children to try to break a board themselves. We are excite to do more and see them grow as martial artists!

Demo team is an elite group of students who preform their marital arts skills. They are leaders in the dojo and in their community. Many of them wish to become instructors in the future!

How Martial Arts Benefits the Youth

With so many options for extra curricular activities today for children ranging from ballet, to instruments and more, many may ask what the appeal of Martial Arts has.

In an article posted by LiveStrong, they delve into the idea of what your child can gain from Martial Arts! Most importantly discipline, structure, and communication skills. You can read more about it in the link provided at the bottom of this post!

At City Youth we are dedicated to every child having a good experience and gaining something every time they come to class. But we know some people need to see it to believe it, so come on down to class!