Learning Leadership

Being a leader takes practice, confidence, self control, respect for others, empathy, integrity, perseverance and indomitable spirit. In all our classes, students are given the opportunity to practice leadership skills. Higher ranks assist with lower ranks.  Older students can help with younger students. They take turns running stretches and different warm up drills. We practiceContinue reading “Learning Leadership”

Giving Thanks!

All November we’re practicing the martial art tenet of COURTESY. Courtesy includes being respectful to our family members and teachers. It’s doing acts of kindness. It’s remembering our manners. It’s being safe and using self control when practicing our sparring. This month especially, we are talking about THANKFULNESS. During our mat chats we reflected onContinue reading “Giving Thanks!”

Getting Ready for Tournament!

All of our students are working hard to prepare for the upcoming J.K. Lee Fall Tournament of Champions. In class, we talk about what judges look for during the competition. The biggest lesson reviewed is that we need to focus on the fundamentals and always PRACTICE!  We are often asked, “How can I help my child get ready?” HereContinue reading “Getting Ready for Tournament!”

Bully Prevention Awareness Month!

All October we are helping to promote National Bully Prevention Awareness Month! In classes and at special events, our instructors are focusing on confidence building and verbal techniques proven to deescalate conflict. We explore opportunities to be an upstander rather than a bystander. We talk about how kindness is our best defense! Many students are engagingContinue reading “Bully Prevention Awareness Month!”

Back to School with Focus and Confidence!

This September, with the start of some new programs and the continuation of others, we are working on beginning the school year strong! We practice our focus with games and target drills. We don’t expect perfection but keep working to improve ourselves.  When our attention does wander, we do our best to bring our mindsContinue reading “Back to School with Focus and Confidence!”

Celebrating Service

  This August, at our annual fundraising event supporting our nonprofit programs, we celebrated our extraordinary volunteers and their commitment to building a stronger and kinder community. The 2016 Service Award was given to Mr. Gordon Merna for his exemplary commitment as a City Youth instructor and numerous other civic and youth programs, including Kids KickingContinue reading “Celebrating Service”

Summer is not for slacking!

As we wind up our summer programs, we’ve been focusing in class on how to stay sharp during the school year break. Some of the students suggestions included: Taking an extra class (like martial arts, or dance or cooking) Reading! Our summer reading goal was 40 books! Practicing through workbooks, flash cards and websites. Exercise-getContinue reading “Summer is not for slacking!”

Summer Safety Reminders!

Below is a copy of our Neighborhood Safety Tips. We review with our students but it’s always a good idea to review your family practices, even with older children. For the summer, we discussed some additional ideas: Stay hydrated! Check on neighbors and the elderly. Plan where to meet in an emergency. Double check and use safetyContinue reading “Summer Safety Reminders!”

Finishing the Year Strong!

“Focus our eyes! Focus our minds! Focus our bodies!” This has been our mantra for June. When summer draws close our attention flies to the window so we’ve been discussing the importance of finishing the year with strength. We looked at it as if we were watching a movie or basketball game. You wouldn’t wantContinue reading “Finishing the Year Strong!”

The Power of a Positive Attitude

May is national Mental Health Awareness Month and in our classes we’ve been focusing on our ATTITUDE. We discussed how we have ATTITUDES and feelings about almost everything: school, math tests, reading logs, morning exercise, traffic, parents, teachers, bullies, bus rides, vegetables, piano lessons, push ups, shopping, siblings… the list went on and on. WeContinue reading “The Power of a Positive Attitude”