Making work fun! Always Learning #2

All this week we are presenting a special series on things we learned during the stay at home orders. Today, we are excited to share, this quick video of one of our purple belt students! We’ve been working extra hard on our self discipline and good things list over the quarantine. Daviah wanted to learnContinue reading “Making work fun! Always Learning #2”

Always Learning

This morning we are kicking off a week long series focusing on what we’ve learned from this pandemic and the safer at home orders. Our goal as martial artists is to take on challenges as opportunities for growth. Our first essay comes from Instructor Marika Holbus. Today I Learned One of my biggest takeaways fromContinue reading “Always Learning”

Wonhyo’s Understanding

When I feel disconnected, I often reflect on this tale of Wonhyo’s enlightenment. (First version blogged in 2011 on Martialing Art).  He was a Korean Buddhist monk, honored not only for his teaching, but for allowing and encouraging the common people to become a part of a movement which before had been reserved for theContinue reading “Wonhyo’s Understanding”

Earth Day Activities!

Every year, we join in the celebration of Earth Day. This day is to remind us that the earth is wonderful, and we need to take care of it. The theme of 2020, as well as the 50th anniversary, is ‘Climate Action.’ This means doing what you can to help fight climate change. A fewContinue reading “Earth Day Activities!”

National Vitamin C Day!

Happy Saturday and National Vitamin C Day!  With a virus spreading crazy quickly, National Vitamin C Day could not have arrived at a better time What Does Vitamin C Do? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, boosts your immune system, which prevents you from getting sick!  It also helps with healing wounds, fighting infection,Continue reading “National Vitamin C Day!”

Community and Student Resources

During the stay at home order we will continue to update this list as more resources become available or change! Current students should be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK and join our STUDENT RESOURCE GROUP for at home practice!  Parent’s please message us if your child needs a paddle target. WE HAVE TUTORS AVAILABLEContinue reading “Community and Student Resources”

Why Stretch?

While we are staying home, it’s important to keep stretching! Stretching helps keep us flexible, improves balance, allows us to kick higher, builds strength, can reduce soreness, and aids in avoiding injuries. It allows us to practice our perseverance. Every time you repeat a daily stretch, you get a little better! Stretching improves your mood!Continue reading “Why Stretch?”

The Importance of the Kihap

When watching martial arts movies, you may notice the characters yelling as they are doing their strikes and blocks. It is almost as if they are ‘powering up’ in order to defeat their challenger. This yell is known as a ‘Kihap,’ or power scream. Martial artist use this for many reasons, not just to lookContinue reading “The Importance of the Kihap”