The Importance of the Kihap

46186540_2448548028493628_6233442382084308992_nWhen watching martial arts movies, you may notice the characters yelling as they are doing their strikes and blocks. It is almost as if they are ‘powering up’ in order to defeat their challenger. This yell is known as a ‘Kihap,’ or power scream. Martial artist use this for many reasons, not just to look cool in the movies! The Kihap has many benefits, including:

  1. Power: Adding a Kihap with your techniques has been proven to give you more energy and power, which ultimately makes your strikes stronger.
  2. Core: When yelling, your core tightens. This makes it easier to take a hit in sparring matches.
  3. Breath: A power scream allows you to breathe when you are doing a technique. Overall, it helps you remember to breathe and improve your focus.
  4. Confidence: A loud and powerful Kihap improves confidence by making you seem assertive. Because of this, you intimidate attackers as well!

Overall, a Kihap is an essential part of martial arts. Not only do they do this while training, but they use it in their everyday lives as well. In fact, this is not the only sport you may hear a power scream. Tennis, baseball, soccer, and football players use this when they are hitting a ball or being tackled. Also, a power scream is a typical thing to add when your adrenaline is high, like in a serious situation. In the end, a Kihap benefits more than martial artists; it helps all types of people improve the power, core, breath, and confidence.

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