101 Ways to Help our Nonprofit Program

We’ve had many inquiries about how to help so our team put together this idea of suggestions. Some are unique to our martial arts school. Some are super ideas for helping nonprofits anywhere.

We welcome all volunteers! You don’t have to be a martial artist to want to make the world better. Invite your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to become part of our mission to help children reach their potential and make Milwaukee a stronger, safer and more inclusive community!

What to do?

Everyone is different! There are many ways to be a part of the solution. Together we can do great things! This is not an all-inclusive list. We welcome ideas, creativity and your unique talents. Some things take longer than others, so you may need to pick more than one. Some are more suitable for adults. Build a service plan that works for you. It’s not in any particular order, although lead instructors are always our biggest need.

  1. Adult Lead Instructors at After School Programs Multiple Locations M-F sometime between 2:30-6:00 and Saturday Morning. Call for schedule.
  2. Assistant Instructors at After School Programs
  3. Adult Lead Instructors at Holton Youth & Family Center (HYFC) Call for schedule.
  4. Assistant Instructors at HYFC
  5. Homework Help at HYFC MTTh 5:15-6:00pm Sun 11:00am
  6. Serve as a Board Member
  7. Board Committee (adults) Friendraising/Fundraising
  8. Board Committee (adults) Marketing
  9. Board Committee (adults) Programs
  10. Board Committee (adults) Finance
  11. Be on our Gala Committee
  12. Join the Annual Campaign Committee
  13. Help with Gala Set Up and Take Down
  14. Prepare Annual Campaign Mailers
  15. Host an informational lunch
  16. Have a pre-event cocktail party
  17. Help with website
  18. Write articles for our blog/newsletter
  19. Create short promotional videos about student activities
  20. Create short promotional videos about fundraising events
  21. Be a J.K. Lee location ambassador Make announcements, pass out flyers
  22. Be a corporate ambassador
  23. Create a matching campaign for the gala
  24. Create a matching campaign for end of year drive
  25. Host a donor breakfast
  26. Help with monthly lunch & learns at HYFC
  27. Host a corporate lunch & learn
  28. Help at Friday Family Nights
  29. Contribute a dish for a Friday Family Night Dinner
  30. Work with our Friday afternoon sparring class at HYFC
  31. Watch Front Desk at HYFC
  32. Help with Inventory at HYFC
  33. Help with filing at HYFC
  34. Hand write thank you notes
  35. Help with cleaning at HYFC
  36. Collect nonperishable kid snack food
  37. Collect gently used (but still tournament approved) sparring gear
  38. Help set up our Haunted House (October 26)
  39. Work at our Haunted House
  40. Help with 2019 Summer Camp Week
  41. Help with Twitter
  42. Help with Instagram
  43. Help with Facebook
  44. Share, like and comment on our Facebook Posts
  45. Mentor/Partner an individual student 
  46. Help with Spring Carnival
  47. Host a Korean Cooking Class
  48. Organize Library at Holton
  49. Organize donated sparring gear
  50. Take home/launder/return school uniforms
  51. Help our Grant Writer
  52. Make thank you calls
  53. Provide information at Open Houses
  54. Help with special school programs
  55. Promote our Amazon Smiles link
  56. Officiate at Testings at HYFC
  57. Sell J.K. Lee City Youth Merchandise
  58. Help with Neighborhood Walk
  59. Help at area clean ups
  60. Help at National Night Out
  61. Create Giving Tuesday flyer
  62. Share Giving Tuesday Information
  63. Design Handouts for Students
  64. Share CYMAP student stories
  65. Prep materials for new volunteers
  66. Prep materials for annual all school instructor meeting
  67. Help with Instructor Reflection Lunch
  68. Staff an informational table at testing
  69. Create and Distribute Yard Signs

Help between classes at HYFC for club time by

  1. Teaching Piano
  2. Reading to small children
  3. Working on a craft
  4. Playing chess
  5. Do a science experiment
  6. Other music lessons

Help raise funds by:

  1. Bake sale
  2. Car wash
  3. Yard sale
  4. Penny War
  5. Valentine Sale
  6. Cupcake War
  7. Dodgeball Tournament
  8. Dog/Pet Show
  9. Kick Marathon
  10. Pancake Breakfast
  11. Rummage Sale
  12. Gift Wrapping Service
  13. Chili Cook Off
  14. Dog Wash
  15. Art Show
  16. Talent Show
  17. Pie Throwing Contest
  18. Spaghetti Dinner
  19. Celebrate your birthday on Facebook
  20. Promote our Amazon Smiles link
  21. Sell gala tickets
  22. Organize a “dine out for CYMAP” night
  23. Host a self-defense workshop for your team/school/work
  24. Find auction item donors
  25. Solicit Corporate Sponsorships

And if you’re stuck wondering what to do or have an extra hour

  1.  Call our Executive Director and see what we most need this week!

Giving and Getting

Studies show that charitable giving and service activates the same parts of your brain as eating chocolate or drinking a glass of wine. It feels good to give. We think you’ll be surprised by all you get in return. We learn from our students and families. We become more aware and understanding. Our own martial arts practice becomes stronger.

Thank you!

Our program is made possible through your support, generosity and love of martial arts. We are proud of the growth we see in our students and the difference we are making in the community!





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