The Power of a Positive Attitude

May is national Mental Health Awareness Month and in our classes we’ve been focusing on IMG_4168our ATTITUDE. We discussed how we have ATTITUDES and feelings about almost everything: school, math tests, reading logs, morning exercise, traffic, parents, teachers, bullies, bus rides, vegetables, piano lessons, push ups, shopping, siblings… the list went on and on. We learned from each other about how when we approached things with a bad or negative attitude, things generally worked out exactly that way. When we began with a positive attitude, things weren’t always perfect, but were much better. We looked at how our energy – good or bad – effects everyone around us.

We are always reminding ourselves in class by saying PILSUNG, a Korean word translated as: “I can do it!” or “Certain victory!” We practice bringing that attitude out of the class and into our everyday.

Click here for more information on Mental Health Awareness

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