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J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which, through the many benefits of martial arts, provides youth and families an opportunity to learn within a supportive environment that fosters mutual respect, confidence, discipline, and good sportsmanship, while promoting mental health, physical fitness, focus, and well-being.We believe in making the world better through martial arts! No children or families are turned away because of cost. Click here to make a donation or discover ways to help! HOW TO HELP/DONATE

Community Classes for Children, Adults and Families: Registration is open for children, adult and family classes at Holton Youth and Family Center (HYFC, 510 East Burleigh Street). Fill in the fields below or call us for more information. Click here for CLASS/FRIDAY FAMILY NIGHT SCHEDULE

DSC_0036Neighborhood Outreach  and School Programs: Our character enrichment and life skills training programs are targeted at students in grade schools, middle schools and high schools. Instructors not only teach the belt level martial arts curriculum, but work with students on self-control, focus, and discipline, so they excel at martial arts and at home and school. The high energy classes encourage respect towards parents, teachers and peers. Children learn to increase awareness, how to deal with bullying, and practical and proven self defense techniques. They build confidence, strength and a positive attitude!

Classes are tailored to suit your schools needs! We are an approved Milwaukee Public School Wellness Program. Beginning students work to earn their white belts and character medals. Repeating students advance through the color belts all the way to their black belt. All of our outreach students are welcome and encouraged to practice at HYFC! Please call us if you would like more information or to schedule a program at your school!

Over the past ten years, we’ve run successful programs in underserved neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee, helping to build safer and stronger communities. We’re working to expand our impact! Click on the “How to Help” link for information on upcoming events and to see how you can make a difference!


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